Overseas Treatment

A Message For Patients Seeking Post-operative Support for Private Treatment Overseas

If you are seeking post-operative support from your GP following surgery accessed privately overseas, please firstly be advised that aftercare for patients who have self-funded surgery is not routinely commissioned within the NHS locally and is not available from The Wards Medical Practice.

The post-operative support you have asked for requires specialist input that may be available from the provider that undertook your surgery or via an alternative self-funded route. Specialist NHS services provide this aftercare for patients who have undergone surgery within the NHS.

If you had your surgery abroad, current Government and NHS advice and the advice of most patient support groups is that patients must be clear about how aftercare will be coordinated and provided after their surgery, and that patients may be responsible for costs of the aftercare and of possible return trips abroad associated with aftercare.

Patients who have paid for surgery abroad have a responsibility to review and plan for all points in the recommended Treatment Abroad checklist, which is available here at www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/healthcare-abroad/going-abroad-for-treatment/treatment-abroad-checklist and can choose to buy a standalone package of post-operative care through a UK independent sector provider, or other non-UK provider.

It is important to understand how medical treatment abroad works and what risks are involved. If you do not follow correct procedures, you may have to pay the full costs of your treatment. You can find more information online here:  https://www.nhsinform.scot/tests-and-treatments/surgical-procedures/surgery-abroad-without-nhs-referral/

Please be reassured that NHS emergency services are available should any emergency treatment be required as a result of any issues arising from your surgery.

Updated 11/03/2024