Test Results

Please phone us on 01563 526514 for your test results.

Practice: remember to allow 4 to 7 clear working days or the period indicated by your Doctor or Nurse for test results that the practice has ordered e.g. bloods.

Hospitals: for tests ordered by hospitals, check the time period to be allowed, and the mechanism by which you will be informed, with the hospital department you are attending e.g. some departments will contact you direct before they write to us. Information from some hospital departments can take weeks to reach us. If you have any concerns contact the hospital department you are attending.

Confidentiality re test results: All patient records on file and on computer are confidential. In order to maintain confidentiality, laboratory and x-ray results may be given only to the patient, regardless of age, or to the parent or guardian of a child under the age of sixteen, or to the named carer of someone with incapacity providing that a consent form has been completed beforehand.

Listen carefully to the result given by the Reception/Secretarial Staff. You may be told that the test is clear or that there is a prescription to be picked up or that you should make an appointment to see your Doctor, who will explain the result in more detail. The Staff are not clinically trained to interpret results and will only pass on the message as indicated by your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your result, or require further information, please make an appointment to see your Doctor.