Registration and New Patients

Practice Boundary: In general terms, this covers Kilmarnock and its environs extending to Kilmaurs, Fenwick, Waterside, Crookedholm, Hurlford, Craigie, Gatehead, Crosshouse, Symington and Knockentiber (click the map on the right for a larger image). Patients who move outwith our area will be deregistered, according to the terms of our NHS Contract, which does not oblige us to write to patients in this regard.

In accordance with our Contract for General Medical Services, patients register with the medical Partnership and not with individual GPs. All new patients aged 15 and over registering with the Practice are asked to see the Doctor within the first month for a simple health check, including blood pressure, details of past medical history and a review of current medication, so please remember to bring all current medication along with you, including inhalers and contraceptive pills. Please see the following Patient Information, explaining our services, policies and procedures.

  • From 1/4/04 patients are registered with the Practice, not with individual GPs.
  • The Receptionist will give you a Practice Leaflet containing important information on Practice Policies and Procedures e.g. how to order a prescription and patient responsibilities. Please read it carefully and ask the Receptionist if there is anything of which you are unsure.
  • All New Patients aged 15 and over are given an appointment with the Doctor within the first month for a new patient medical, which includes a blood pressure check. You will be asked for details of your medical history and your current medication will be reviewed, so please remember to bring all current medication with you, including inhalers and contraceptive pills.
  • To register, you must hand in your completed New Patient Registration Forms and the supporting evidence e.g. passport, utility bills. Please do this as soon as possible to allow us to check your entitlement to NHS care and treatment and that you satisfy the residency criteria and are living within our practice boundary. If we are unsure of any of this we may ask for further supporting evidence. You may hand in a medical card but if you do not have one this will not delay your registration or appointment. If you are unsure of anything on the Forms, the Receptionist will be happy to help you complete them. The Forms ask for details of your ethnic background. We are required by Practitioner Services to collect this data, which may only be used in relation to linking medical conditions and ethnicity.
  • New Patient Medical Appointments are available with GPs throughout the week. You do not need to wait until after your New Patient Medical Appointment to book appointments or use any other services – please refer to this booklet for the services that we provide to patients entitled to NHS care and treatment.
  • Medical problems, prescriptions or sick lines will not be dealt with during the New Patient appointment, as time does not allow. Please arrange separate appointments for these issues.
  • If you are Housebound, please let the Receptionist know, so that we may arrange a Home Visit New Patient Assessment and for a relative/carer to come in to the surgery to pick up the registration Forms. The GP will visit at the earliest opportunity but we are unable to give prior notification of the date or time, as urgent Home Visits take priority. If you need a Home Visit or any other services prior to the Assessment, please refer to this booklet and contact us.
  • If you require any help or information on any of the above, please ask the Receptionist.

Please help us to help you by following the above Procedure. It is our Practice Policy not to refuse to register anyone on the grounds of race, gender, age, religion, background, disability or medical history. We may, however, refuse to register anyone who does not provide evidence that they reside within our Practice Area, or who is not entitled to NHS care and treatment, or who is abusing NHS services, or who has been abusive to Staff in this or other Practices, or who has failed to attend appointments in the past, or whose behaviour is not acceptable or conducive to a bond of mutual trust and respect. If you fail to attend for your New Patient medical appointment without good reason, or are unacceptably late, you will not be offered another appointment, as this would be unfair to other patients. You will also be removed from the Practice List for wasting appointments.

You can download patient registration forms by clicking on the links below:

The Wards Medical Practice – New Patient Registration Form (PDF Format)

NHS Scotland – Application to Register Permanently with General Medical Practice (PDF Format)

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