Online Prescriptions

Please note that from 1st June 2017 we will no longer be able to accept prescription requests over the phone.  Requests must be made online, or by putting your pink tear-off ordering slip in the red box outside reception (or posting it through our letter box if we are closed), or via your pharmacy ordering service if you have set up this arrangement with your pharmacist.

Click here for the online form. Please note that the online prescription service is hosted on a secure server by Microtech Support Limited.

The table below gives examples of when to order – do not wait until you have run out of medicine!

N.B. If you order too early your request will not be processed and you will have to re-order.

You get 4 weeks’ worth of medication at a time Order at least 2 clear business days beforehand Do not order more than 4 days beforehand
You get 8 weeks’ worth of medication at a time Order at least 2 clear business days beforehand Do not order more than 7 days beforehand
You get 12 weeks’ worth of medication at a time Order at least 2 clear business days beforehand Do not order more than 12 days beforehand

Prescription Requests

For all prescriptions, we ask that the person collecting them is over the age of 16, unless the person collecting the prescription is also the person for whom we are prescribing.

If you are on regular medication and your Doctor does not need to see you every time, you will be issued with a pink repeat prescription ordering slip. This is attached to your repeat prescription. Our computer system has a safety feature to stop patients ordering too many drugs and will reject any items ordered too early unless you give us a valid reason e.g. “going on holiday”. We will not contact you about rejected items – it is the patient’s responsibility to check that they are not ordering too early. If you do need to order early, please give the Receptionist a reason and your request will be passed to your GP.

Allow 2 clear business days for processing the prescription. This does not include weekends or holidays. Your prescription will be ready for collection at Reception, unless you have arranged for your prescription to be sent directly to your pharmacy.

Do not ask for a repeat prescription during a Consultation or a Home Visit. Repeats must be ordered in advance.

To obtain repeat items:

  • Order using our online facility (click here).
  • Allow at least 2 clear business days for processing.
  • Check the “Next Issue Due” date on the pink ordering slip to ensure that you are not ordering too early.
  • Tick the items required on the slip and place the slip in the red box, which is on the wall facing you inside the patients’ entrance. OR
  • Post the ticked slip to us (you can either pick the prescription up after allowing 2 clear business days or enclose a stamped, addressed envelope and we will return it by post). OR.
  • If you have a chronic disease and are on regular repeat medication, you should contact your Pharmacy and ask to join their Chronic Medication Service.

The Doctor will review your repeat medication periodically and you may be asked to make an appointment, rather than being given the requested repeat prescription automatically, particularly if you are ordering medication too often or too early. Please bear in mind that this review of your medication is an important part of your healthcare and an excellent opportunity to discuss any concerns with your Doctor.