About You

Change of Details

You can update your personal details via our online form by clicking here. Please note that if your new address falls outside our catchment area our clinical system will automatically de-register you and you will need to register with a GP in your new area. We will not write to you or contact you regarding this. If you require assistance with registering in another area or with another practice, please phone Practitioner Services on 0141 300 1361.

Changes of name must be done in person at the surgery, with supporting documentary evidence e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll certificate etc. plus photographic ID.

Update Your Clinical Record

You can update your clinical record via our online form by clicking here.

Feedback Form

We strive to provide the highest possible service to patients and are always interested in your views. For suggestions, please complete our feedback form online by clicking here.

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Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour

The Practice embraces The Scottish Government’s published policy for handling unacceptable actions and behaviour. We recognise that the vast majority of interactions that we have with people are positive and productive for all parties.

Occasionally, the behaviour or actions of individuals we have dealings with make it impossible for us to continue any constructive engagement. In this small number of cases we have to consider taking steps to protect our staff or to ensure that our ability to work effectively is not undermined.

We categorise unacceptable behaviour as:

Aggressive or abusive behaviour – for example swearing, threats or derogatory remarks, lying, inappropriate internet posts or comments

Unreasonable demands – where requests place unreasonable conditions on Practice Staff which dilutes our ability to provide a service for others

Unreasonable persistence – repeated requests on the same or similar issue which disrupts our ability to fulfil our functions as a general medical practice